Welcome to Wild Rose Family Farm! Named after our wild five year old daughter, Sara Rose.

We have been dreaming of having a farm for 10 years, and are enjoying living in a home where that is a possibility. 

This year we will be getting some fruit and vegetables in the ground. Not just our lamb, milk, and eggs. Plus we have added a small flock of Indian Runner Ducks to our poultry. So we should have plenty of duck eggs for sale this year.

We would love to share our bounty with you.

Our ultimate farm vision:

  • Milk shares
  • Lambs for butcher & breeding stock
  • Fruit Orchard
  • Year Round Vegis, utilizing the Four Season Gardening method
  • Contributing (with other farms) to the Farm to School project and helping feed our children local food
  • Working with the local school gardens to help teach kids how to grow their own food