Welcome to our new farm site!  We have been dreaming of having a farm for 9 years. We are finally living in a home where that is a possibility. And this year we will officially had more lamb, eggs, and a few other things, than we could eat ourselves. It is fun to share our bounty with you.

In order to get closer to our goals, we are doing a fundraiser (like a PBS pledge drive) to raise the $8,000 that it will cost to get power, pump, and sprinklers to irrigate our pastures and garden areas. You can help by donating even $1, or by sharing our fundraiser with your friends and family. Just click on the following link to find out more on @Barnraiser:  JUST ADD WATER to Wild Rose Family Farm

We have a variety of rewards including: lip balm, soap, chocolate, washable pelts, butcher lambs, and bounty baskets. We will be getting our lamb salami back soon and hoping it’s excellent. If so, it will be a part of the bounty for farmshare members.

Wild Rose Family Farm @BarnRaiser Stretch Goal #1 from Joy Hlynsky on Vimeo.

Update 10/18/15 — We have reached the minimum goal of $3,000. This means that we will actually get the money that people have pledged and continue to pledge. It also means that we will be able to pay Pacific Power to hook up a meter. If we reach $5,000 we will get power AND a pump. And at $8,000 we will be able to cover power, pump, and sprinklers. Thank you for any way that you find to support us in accomplishing this goal. We have 3 weeks left!

Our ultimate farm vision:

  • Milk shares
  • Lambs for butcher & breeding stock
  • Fruit Orchard
  • Year Round Vegis, utilizing the Four Season Gardening method
  • Contributing (with other farms) to the Farm to School project and helping feed our children local food