Butcher Lamb

Our customers say it is the best lamb they have ever had. MIld, tender, and full of love.

Dairy Ewes & Lambs

Our dairy sheep for sale will be listed here. We occationally sell ewes to make room for new breeding stock. And the best of our lambs will be offered for sale as well if we don't keep them.

Fun Farm Products

We do a lot with what we have: 

Washable pelts, lip balm, soap, herbal salves, ...


Our Very Infrequent Blog...

I'm not sure how some farmers find time to write constantly about their farm.... to me that almost seems like an oxymoron -- a farmer/mom who has time to write? But, despite my time challenges, there have been a few topics that have grabbed me and I just had to share, even if it took me months to write each one.

Our Posts So Far...

  • Making the Best Tallow or Lard
  • The Secret Super Food (Hint: sheep milk)
  • Tips for Handmilking Sheep

Next I want to write about making soap!! I'm totally in love with the magic of it. And our sheep tallow soap is my favorite.