Butcher Dates

  • Summer & Fall 2019
    We will have our next round of butcher lambs around mid/late July. 


Whole Lambs:  $6/lb Hanging Weight, plus $100 Butcher Fees

(Halves are also available, and the fee would simply be half.)

Lambs are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. A $100 deposit holds your spot.

Our sheep are dairy sheep crossed with Icelandic. This means the meat is very mild flavored, and has a fine grain. It also means they are smaller than what one might find with meat sheep. Our hanging weights tend to be around 45#. We normally butcher around 4-5 months. And the meat, cut and wrapped is somewhere in the 35 pound range. It is a manageable amount for one family, but we can also sell halves if you want something smaller. 

Final cost is around $12/lb cut & wrapped, depending on how you have it cut.

Payments welcome in cash, check, or PayPal.


Questions Siskiyou Distributing will ask about your lamb:

You can either call Siskiyou Distributing yourself to go over your cuts. Or let us know how you would like your lamb cut & packaged, and we will send that info along with your lamb.

  • Do you want your shoulder roasts -- Bone-in, or Boneless?
  • Leg Roasts -- Bone-in, or Boneless?   Whole, or Halves?
  • Do you want "Rack of Lamb"?
  • How many lamb chops do you want per package?  2 or 4?
  • Do you want the Shanks?
  • Do  you  want ribs whole?  Riblets?
  • What do you want done with extra meat?  Ground, or Stew? (Have to pick one)
  • How many pounds do you want in your packages of ground/stew? 1#, or 2#?
  • Do you want your ribs whole?

If you want a little more info about what the cuts are and how they could be used, we like Jamie Oliver’s page:  www.jamieoliver.com/features/ultimate-guide-to-lamb-cuts/

Where do I pick up my lamb?

We use Siskiyou Distributing in Yreka for our cut and wrap. Joe is the new head butcher there. Once we inform you that your lamb has a scheduled date to leave the farm, you can call Siskiyou Distributing to give your cut instructions to Joe. You can also email instructions to me and I will send them with your lamb.

Siskiyou Distributing

1313 N Foothill Dr.

Yreka, CA 96097

(530) 842-1616

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