Our flock is tested for OPP, Johne's, and CL. And has always been negative.

All of our sheep are Icelandic / Dairy crosses.


Occasionally we have a lamb who we would rather sell as a breeder than a butcher.


They will be listed here when we do.


Vixen ~ $250 ~ SOLD


Very milky 3 year old dairy ewe from Black Sheep Creamery. At her peak she was giving 1 gallon a day of milk. She has an easy let down and big flow. Good size teats and good placement. I am having a hard time drying her off. Which is a great trait in a milker. She has had 3 sets of twins. Her personality is sweet and shy. She is wary of new people, but will come up for love from those she knows and during quiet moments. She also sheds all her neck, leg, belly, and udder wool. She has my favorite udder.